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This is an anonymous thank you.

Your words inspire and bolster my belief that everything will work out okay. The road may twist and turn and the unexpected may choose to travel the same path as the expected. And there are days when the ceilings creep lower and the walls close in but you offer assurance that there are still stars and skies outside the brick and mortar. You have my upmost gratitude and though you may never know, I dispel my thanks out to the universe in the hope that it may reach you with a fleeting moment of warmth.
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Dear Winter,

I am over you now.

Back in September I was ready for your icy chill to descend upon us so I could wrap up in several cosy layers and finally put those 'back-of-the-wardrobe-bound' hats, gloves and scarves to use. I romanticised the idea of sipping hot drinks by a large, roaring fire-place whilst your cold fingers cloaked the outside world by night. I had anticipated a light dusting of snow during the holiday period so that the Christmas lights on the outdoor trees shone just a little bit brighter and December resembled one of those standardised 'festive-white-Christmas' pictures they print on the cards you can buy from a supermarket. However, I have now reached the point where I am tired of having cold feet that never get warm and braving the freezing gales that seem to shred through my skin. Those dark mornings when leaving the warm, womb-like comfort of bed feels like a torture practised only in hell. I can not bear another day of jumping over and avoiding slippery, frost-laden walkways like a character from a video-game or nursing a nose turned red from the bitter breeze. I am done with you. Thank you for gracing us with your presence but it is time you allowed your good friend Spring to take the driver's seat and hurtle us in to somewhat more humane climates. Dare I even tempt Summer to come along and offer up a warming cuddle? Farewell Winter and Bon Voyage.

Yours Sincerely,

A cold person


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