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Sleep. Holy mothballs, just one block of un-interrupted, deep, healthy sleep would crack this cemented frown and maybe even turn it upside down. Just eight little hours is all I ask and I will be able to move mountains.

Coffee. For when the sleep doesn't work and the brain and limbs need to regain functionality. Black coffee if need be. Hot and filled with jittery, sweat-inducing goodness.

Auditory dessert. More specifically, 'Hunting For Pearls'. The latest iamamiwhoami offering has to be played at least three times a day, I am happy for it to accompany breakfast, lunch and dinner. 'I shackle myself, I risk it all'. Just. So. Damn. Good.

A run in the rain. I normally would not want to go running when the heavens have opened up. There's nothing worse than running through a large puddle and bracing the cold water as it startles the skin on your lower leg. Today however, it would be refreshing. Cleansing even.
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Music. Good music. Preferably something upbeat but sometimes this depends on what the weather is like. Sun tends to bring rock or electronic, spring-like weather entices the singer-songwriters, the poets or the folk artists.
A decent breakfast which tends to mean a large cup of coffee, extra hot and a peanut butter bagel.
Hugs. A communication between two people. These are a necessity.
Fresh air. Life force, another necessity. Essential in fact.
Smiles, laughter, the medicine of the soul.
Kind words. Whether received or given. These are the reminders.


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