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Not an Oracle

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Name:Not an Oracle
A place for collective insane ramblings and incoherent gibberish fluctuated with moments of random romanticism and neuroticism. All thoughts and opinions have been brainwashed into me.

Interests (45):

a nightmare on elm street, a pre-occupation with solitude, acts of kindness, answering questions with questions, art-house, autumn, beards, black comedies, blood, cemeteries, coffee, creepy looking clowns, cults, fingerless gloves, freaky-looking dolls, gore, gravestones, guts, halloween, haunted houses, horror films, hugs, late nights, macabre, nightmares, objects that look like other objects, old pianos., old typewriters, ouija boards, paranormal entities, psychedelia, queer fiction, singer-songwriters, stained glass, stories of alien abductions, subversion, successful lip syncing, surrealism, swirls, the 1960s, the 1970s, tofu, trying to communicate with cats, weird-ass dreams, whiskey
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